Watchband sizes

How to find the perfect banded size for your Applewatch:

Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist where the watch will be worn. Based on the circumference, you will find the correct size in the table below. We deliberately ask for the wrist circumference and not just any strap length - we manufacture so that the watch is included / don't worry.

 Please state the exact wrist circumference when ordering. This is a decisive factor for longevity!

Please note: Our straps for the Smart Watch are manufactured in such a way that the watch does not lose contact, but the strap is not too tight / it should feel loose and comfortable / if it is permanently too tight, the longevity suffers.

Wrist circumference size
15cm -16cm XS 
16cm - 17cm
17cm - 18cm
18cm - 19cm
19cm - 20cm XL 
Bandeds for the smartwatch as a gift?....if you know the exact wrist circumference, great!...if not, then maybe a Banded voucher is better...(we also adjust afterwards, you only have to pay the postage costs)

We make all bracelets by hand and adjust the size individually to your order.
PS: Our Apple Watchbands have a different size than our bracelets Bandeds.  Please see Bracelet size page here 

The right way to handle your Banded:

Your Banded is a piece of jewelry and should be treated as such.

When you are not wearing your Banded, store it in a dry place (bathroom is not suitable) and when traveling, please do not simply carry it loose in your bag, always use a protective cover / please do not spray perfume on it. Avoid stretching it when putting it on and taking it off and be careful when inserting it into the watch / our Bandeds are water and UV resistant, occasional swimming or showering does not matter / but if you expose it to salt/sun/chlorine permanently, it may show signs of wear over time / which then gives your Banded a "patina"...also beautiful...:)
Warranty: THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON MODERN PRODUCTS LIKE OUR BANDEDS / But if you have a problem, please contact us by email / we can certainly help for a small service fee. Banded Bracelets™  is neither affiliated with Apple nor an authorized reseller of Apple products. Apple is under no obligation to repair, replace, or otherwise service products sold by us. The trademarks iPhone and Apple are the registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.