BANDED Our story


We love freedom, the diversity of cultures, travel, art, film and music, nature, togetherness, and Berlin! For us, Banded means expressing our connection with everything.

A Banded always tells a story—about us, about you, and about the world we live in. It can spark a spontaneous conversation with a stranger, remind us of the most spectacular starry sky we've ever seen, and let us dream of distant lands. Everyone has their own individual idea, and we look forward to being part of this expression.



Sustainable - Locally Handcrafted - Environmentally Friendly - Durable

With "heart and devotion, passion and tears," as we say here, we create our Bandeds in our Kreuzberg workshop. Through our specially developed, unique, and environmentally friendly process, we transform classic watch straps into long-lasting and sustainable pieces of jewelry—true art for the wrist.

Our Bandeds are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, chemical-free, and nickel-free! The choice of using renowned stainless steel watch straps as a base is no coincidence. Embracing the old and proven while bringing it into the present aligns perfectly with our philosophy. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before we made our Bandeds compatible with smart watches.


BANDED - What Makes Us Originals:

What began as an idea in a Las Vegas bar in 2010 and became a registered trademark in 2012 has taken us to numerous art markets around the world. Every weekend, summer and winter, we were present at Berlin markets, sharing our Bandeds with the world.

This enduring spirit finally took flight in 2018. Today, our "Air Bandeds" can be found with the Lufthansa Group Worldwide, Condor, Swiss, Tuifly, and Air Baltic. 

 We do what we love and do it our way from the start!

Ashley & Heike