Bracelet sizes

How to find the perfect bracelet size for your wrist.

(You can find watchband sizes here)

Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist to determine the correct size.Our bandeds are best worn loosely.

Circumference from wrist size
approx 14cm -15cm XS - 17cm
larger 15cm -16cm S - 18cm
larger 16cm -17cm M - 19cm
larger 17cm - 18.5cm L - 20cm
larger than 18.5cm - 20cm XL - 21cm
Please keep in mind that the fit is a very individual matter and our bandeds can be worn a bit loosely .. (Most men prefer an L with a circumference of 18.5cm, because it does not fit loosely, whereas women could also take the XL if you like a loose fit - that's just as an example)
If you are not sure, you can do the following Download size template and at home inOriginal size Express , cut out and wrap around your wrist. This is how you make sure that your bracelet arrives in the right size.
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We make all bracelets by hand and adjust the size individually to your order.
PS: Our Apple Watchbands have a different size than our jewelry bracelets.