Goethe did it, Einstein did it, Hesse and Cohen did it - The occupation with meditation, contemplation and the wisdom of the East.
With the BANDED OM collection, we are also dedicating ourselves to the subject with a first implementation of mantras on our bandeds.

Mantras are energetic words and invocations.Each mantra has its own meaning and effect. It is said that just the sound of it vibrating has a healing power and a certain mysterious power. They can be spoken, recited, sung or silently contemplated or, as in our case, worn as a bracelet. When wearing the Banded Om collection in everyday life, it can remind us to pause more often, to stay with ourselves by looking inward, to center ourselves, and then to be powerful, strengthened and relaxed in the here and now. Mind and body are set in a harmonious vibration. The mantras on our Bandeds are written in Sanskrit, the sacred language of Indian scriptures, one of the oldest written languages.

The idea and designs came from Markus Niedermayr, whom we were able to win over for a cooperation. His extensive travels and stays in the Far East gave him a deep insight into the culture with its diverse philosophies and wisdom.
Through his former work as a graphic designer, he brings the ideal combination for this topic: his creative skills and the "magic touch" through his personal experiences and insights.
More about Markus and what else he does