BANDED Our story


We love freedom, the diversity of cultures, that

Travel, art, film and music, nature, togetherness

and Berlin!

For us, banded means our connection with everything

to express.

A banded always tells a story about

us, about you and about the world in which we live. It can be a

Impulse for a spontaneous conversation with a stranger

be, it can make us remember the most spectacular

Starry sky that we have ever seen and can be us

dream of distant lands. Everyone has their own

individual idea and we look forward to being part of this

Presentation may be ...


Sustainable - locally handcrafted - environmentally friendly -


With "heart and devotion, passion and tears", as we do

here we used to say, we create our bandeds and pose

handcrafted in our Kreuzberg workshop. we

transform in the course of the specially developed,

unique and environmentally friendly process, classic

Watch straps. This creates a long-lasting and thus

sustainable piece of jewelry as art for the wrist.

Our bandeds are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, without

Chemicals and nickel free!

That the choice is the well-known watch strap

Stainless steel was used as a base is no coincidence - old, which was good, with

Taking into the here and now corresponds fully to ours

Philosophy. So it was only one over time

logical consequence, our bandeds also for the Apple Watch

to make compatible.


BANDED - This is what makes us originals:

We sail from dream to vision to implementationwith Banded again and again through exciting times.

We have spent countless hours over the yearsto develop the product, our beloved Bandeds, and theRefine production technology. 

What began as an idea in a bar in Las Vegas in 2010 and was realized as a registered trademark in 2012, has taken us to numerous art markets around the world.We also spent every weekend, summer and winter, on the Berlin markets to send our bandeds out into the world.

This spirit that sustained us finally brought us in 2018in the air. You can find our "Air Bandeds" at the Lufthansa GroupWorldwide, Condor, Swiss, Tuily and Air Baltic

In the current situation we have focused on online trading. We have set up various city logos to choose from in our shop, so that we can continue to network, even if we cannot see each other in a local market at the moment. Nothing is forever and so we will meet again as soon as possible on the markets of this world and also on sales to retailersRemove.

... and the short form of Alldem:

BANDED is forged with the fire of passion, grounded in the markets of this world, floating through the air with the airlines and flexible as water, because:

We do what we love and do it our way from the start!

Ashley & Heike