Watchband sizes

How to find the perfect banded size for your Applewatch:

Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your wrist. Wrist circumference minus approx. 3 cm (for the watch itself) = banded band length to be ordered. Take a look at our size table and determine the size XS or S or M or L or XL according to your cm calculation

Example: if your wrist circumference measures 18cm, then you subtract approx. 3 cm from it = 15cm - now you look at the size chart, 15cm is an M and this should fit pretty well.

Wrist circumference size
15cm -16cm XS 
16cm - 17cm
17cm - 18cm
18cm - 19cm
19cm - 20cm XL 
If you are not sure, you can do the following Download the size template and use it at home to Print out the original size , cut out and place around your wrist. This is how you make sure that your bracelet arrives in the right size.

We make all bracelets by hand and adjust the size individually to your order.
PS: Our Apple Watchbands have a different size than our bracelets bandeds. Please see
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